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dir. Miguel Ángel Font Bisier

by Minh Huynh - As a fashion photographer, I love seeing fashion captured in what the great Henri Cartier-Bresson calls “ the decisive moments.”  In between the click of the shutter and the pop of the flash, a style, a look, or a pose is captured once and perhaps never again...
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Aliens and Fashion Models

The Art and Curiosity of Miguel Angel Font Bisier

by Nicole Quiroz | Even at a young age, Miguel Angel Font Bisier had an eye for both the unworldly and the aesthetic. As a boy he would sneak off to comic book stores to read underground magazines and fanzines about the rated R films he was forbidden to watch...
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MS Films

A Beginning

by Nicole Quiroz - Be prepared to watch, explore and become inspired by the most creative cinematic minds of our time. Mahal Style Films (MS Films) is your premiere source to experience the best fashion films, created by today’s leading fashion filmmakers.
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